Prefab Cabins and Modular Cottages

The Dwelly range of Cabins and Cottages are welcoming, comforting and aesthetically pleasing in a completely different way than boxes and straight lines.

Our prefab cabins and modular cottages are sensibly priced, low maintenance dwellings able to withstand massive snow loads and dramatic seasonal temperatures with lower utility bills.

Looking for something different than a box?

The Dwelly

A 308 sq ft, Fully functional, durable, low maintenance, Plug & Stay ready accessory dwelling unit. Originally designed as a solution for on-reserve singles and seniors Indiginous housing. But is available to anyone, anywhere who is looking for a granny flat, small cabins or off grid getaway.

The Shelly

308 Sq.ft to 1,000 Sq.ft FIY (finish it yourself) units. Economical and perfect for cabins, cottages, view lots, garden suites. Exterior is exceptionally low maintenance. Very Customizable.

Manufactured in Canada

72 Sq.ft to 100 Sq.ft. Our smallest and most versatile units. YOCTO homes, sleeping cabins, backyard offices, roadside fry shacks, guard huts, glamping units, washroom facilities, laundry units, art studios, personal gym. Incredibly rugged and low maintenance.

Given the unique challenges I had with snow load issues, Dwelltech went above and beyond, making adjustments as needed and suggestions to improve however possible.

Jeff & Julia (two Shellys)

As seen on Global TV…


Affordable ARCHitecture for everyone.