Dwelly Prefabs are high performance, low maintenance, resource efficient auxiliary dwellings engineered to resist high winds, torrential rains, heavy snow loads, earthquakes and wildfires.

Each Dwelly is handcrafted in Maple Ridge British Columbia by Canadian & European artisans for your thermal and spatial comfort.

Dwelly Prefabs are CSA A277 Modular Homes which exceed BC building codes, are designed to be placed on permanent foundations and eligible for municipal build permits and real property mortgage or line of credit financing.

If you are considering a Laneway Home, Garden Cottage, Granny Flat, Rental Cabin; an Auxiliary Dwelling of any kind then the Dwelly could be just what you are looking for!

Dwelly Prefab Modular Homes

Dwelly Model homes available in Maple Ridge for viewing by appointment Monday to Saturday.
CSA A277 Certified Plug & Stay prices starting at:


for 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Dwellys


for 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Dwellys


for 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom with mudroom Dwellys

If you are seeking a Garden Cottage, Auxiliary Dwelling or Recreational Cabin to round out your property, you need to see a Dwelly Prefab in person to believe how special they are. We guarantee a Dwelly Prefab will make you smile.

Some of our unique features


The arch is one of the world’s oldest and strongest structural building systems. The Arch shape is also a very resource efficient building system. The Arch form provides the most covered space with the least amount of materials and labor.

Neurological Studies have demonstrated curvilinear forms have positive psychological qualities, evoking pleasant emotions and are soothing and relaxing. Recently neuro-scientists have shown this affection for curves isn’t just a matter of personal taste; it’s hard-wired into the brain:

“Straight lines and sharp angles signal danger, soft curves signal safety. Curved and rounded objects evoke pleasant emotions and feelings of warmth, well-being and harmony”.


The Dwelly’s Arch structure is prefabricated from structural grade Galvalume Steel coils.  Using our industrial rollforming machines and proprietary fabrication processes we manufacture a monolithic structural shell. Independent service life studies conducted by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) have projected that in climates such as British Columbia, the Galvalume steel used in each Dwelly Prefab has a potential service life span of 300 years.

The Dwelly’s Multigenerational Arch Shell coupled with our Dwelltech Double Insulation system & HardiePlank Cedarmill siding creates a high performance, low maintenance climate change prepared dwelling.


Dwelly Prefabs require significantly less maintenance. The curved geometry of the Dwelly significantly reduces the wear and tear on the roof. Typical roofs with large flat sources are exposed to longer periods of direct sunlight and UV rays. Curved surfaces get less direct sunlight and naturally deflect most of the damaging UV rays. The Arch structure is naturally shedding of leaves, dirt and other debris. There is no guttering to clean or downsports to get clogged. There are no shingles or facia board to rot or paint. The Dwelly does not have corners or peaks for birds nests and bats.


Each Dwelly is designed for spatial comfort and whilst modest in sq.ft has defined living areas. Making the Dwelly comfortable for residents, their pets and visiting friends and family.

Everything is on one level. The bathroom is located away from the kitchen and living areas. The living space and bedroom are completely separate from each other as well. The Dwelly is designed to create rooms that while compact, also feel spacious. Large windows and patio doors create openness to the outdoors and the 10’-10” Vaulted Arch Ceiling rounds out The Dwelly’s uniquely distinctive features. 

CSA A277 Modular Home Info

CSA A277 Modular Home

Dwelly Prefabs are CSA A277 Modular homes, covered and permitted through part 9. of the BC building code just like any other residential structure. A CSA A277 Modular home is real property and once placed on a foundation, on the buyer’s land is eligible for a build permit, mortgage finance or line of credit equity just like any site built home.

Dwelly Prefabs are not mobile homes or tiny homes on wheels. Mobile homes are CSA Z240 MH and Tiny homes on wheels are CSA Z240 RV and not eligible for build permits under part 9. of the BC building code. Mobile Homes and Tiny homes are also not deemed real property. They are deemed to be chattels or vehicles and are must be registered.

If you are speaking with a bank, credit union or your local building permit authorities please ensure you let them know Dwelly Prefabs are CSA A277 Modular and not a mobile home or tiny home on wheels. This is very important as loans officers and build permit authorities may assume because Dwelly Prefab gets transported to site they are a mobile home or tiny home on wheels.

Archie is available for all your questions.

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In April 2017 the BC Energy Step code came into force. The BC Energy Step Code is an energy-efficiency performance standard designed to help the province meet its goal that all new British Columbia buildings must be net-zero energy ready by 2032.

At the core of the 2017 BC Energy Step Code is enclosure-first approach to meet its goals. The Enclosure-first approach is a key strategy recommended by the BC Energy Step Code for achieving high-performance buildings which reduce energy consumption and provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for the occupants. 

At Dwelltech Industries Ltd we started with an enclosure-first approach a few years earlier. In 2012 we began developing our Dwelly Prefabs Modular Building System using industrial rollforming machines and 5 ton galvalume steel coils to create a structural building shell with potential life spans over 300 years. We then worked on the materials and methods to make the Dwelly Prefabs structural shell a complete building enclosure system. An enclosure system which is not only long lasting but uses less materials to build and is very energy efficient to operate. 

As defined by the BC Energy Step Code, A High Performance building is: a building built to high energy efficiency standards with reduced energy needs compared to today standards.

The Dwelly Prefabs Modular Building System offers High Performance Building Enclosures and when utilized with strategies in the BC Energy Step Code, Industry professionals and skilled artisans to bring it all together the end result is high performance modular homes and buildings.

In BC airtightness of the building enclosure has been determined as the single most cost effective way to reduce heating energy consumption. Another major factor in energy efficiency is a building’s massing. Massing refers to a building’s overall shape and size. The more complex a building shape, the greater the number of opportunities for heat loss through the enclosure. A building with several complex junctions and corners will lose far more heat through the enclosure than a building that has been designed as a simple, solid form.

Our Dwelly Prefabs Modular Building System only offers a very simple solid building form. The Arch is one of the world’s oldest known building systems. Arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia. But the systematic use of the Arch started with the ancient Romans, who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures. The Arch has also been forever memorialized in the 1st 4 letters in Architecture.  Our modern Arches are manufactured onsite and mechanically seamed together with no screw or nail holes creating a monolithic structural frame which is very effective in meeting and exceeding the BC Energy Step Code airtightness guidelines.

There are other strategies also recommended by the BC Energy Step Code: super insulation, minimizing heat loss and maximum heat gain through site orientations, optimizing windows and doors, using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and separating heating/cooling from ventilation. Much more detail on this can be found at:  www.energystepcode.ca 

Dwelly Prefabs are high performance buildings which greatly reduce emissions from the built environment. Also, other significant benefits for your family include a healthy comfortable home able to withstand dramatic seasonal temperatures with lower utility bills and a structural lifespan of over 300 years! 

Manufactured in Canada

All Dwelly Prefabs use fire resistant materials

Our metal roofing structure, cement board siding and double paned windows will help to give you additional peace of mind in grassland or forested areas. 

Given the unique challenges I had with snow load issues, Dwelltech went above and beyond, making adjustments as needed and suggestions to improve however possible.

Jeff & Julia (two Shellys)

We could not believe how spacious the Dwelly Prefabs are. We liked what we saw on instagram but fell in love when we saw a Dwelly in person.

Rob & Janie

Thank you so much for the weekly updates – it is exciting to watch the Dwelly “grow”. 


We love the robustness of the Dwelly – low maintenance – solid roof, hardy board siding, super durability. The single level, high ceiling openness.

Russell and Stephanie

Dwelly Prefabs, they will make you smile

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