The Dwelly is the most durable, fully functional, energy efficient and low maintenance Accessory Dwelling in British Columbia.

The Dwelly offers a traditional arched form combined with modern building materials and construction methods. The Dwelly’s organic shape nestles neatly into any existing home’s back or side yard. Neurological Studies have demonstrated curvilinear forms have positive psychological qualities, evoking pleasant emotions and are soothing and relaxing. Recently neuro-scientists have shown this affection for curves isn’t just a matter of personal taste; it’s hard-wired into the brain. “Straight lines and sharp angles signal danger, soft curves signal safety. Curved and rounded objects evoke pleasant emotions and feelings of warmth, well-being and harmony”.

The Dwelly is a turn key unit starting at $68,500

  • All structural components are corrosion and fire resistant with life spans over 300 years.
  • Very low maintenance and well insulated (Floor R40, Walls R24, Roof R30) for energy efficient and thermal comfort.
  • Can be installed on a concrete slab, compacted gravel, or on steel screw piles.
  • Generous 11’ ceiling heights with HRU ventilation for healthy mold free interior environments.
  • Built to resist high winds, torrential rains, heavy snow, earthquakes and wildfires
  • Delivered to site Plug & Stay ready. Can be relocated to a new site at any time.
  • Designed for British Columbia and built to exceed CAN/CSA A277 or CAN/CSA Z240 MH Standards.
  • Clients will find their Dwelly extremely functional, affordable to heat, easy to maintain and generally a comfortable, safe and healthy living environment.

Dwelly Prefabs, They’ll make you smile

Dwelly Prefabs


Defined Living Spaces

The Dwelly is designed for spatial comfort and whilst modest in sq.ft has defined living areas. Making a Dwelly comfortable for seniors and singles and visiting friends and family.

Small cabins/tiny homes can conjure up images of coziness, togetherness and being environmentally responsible. But reality can be quite different. Bathroom odors, lack of privacy, small, uncomfortable seating and dangerous climbing ladders to get to bed in a loft are often the case. Double uses of rooms that become cumbersome having to fold away a bed or table to make room for friends or family.

With The Dwelly everything is on one level. The bathroom is located away from the kitchen and living areas. The living space and bedroom are completely separate from each other as well. The Dwelly is designed to create rooms that while compact, also feel spacious. Large windows and patio doors create openness to the outdoors and the 11’ Vaulted Arch Ceiling rounds out The Dwelly’s distinctive features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Dwelly built with an arch?

The arch is one of the world’s oldest and strongest structural building systems. The Arch shape is also the most resource efficient building system. The Arch form provides the most covered space with the least amount of materials and labour.

Neurological Studies have demonstrated curvilinear forms have positive psychological qualities, evoking pleasant emotions and are soothing and relaxing. Recently neuro-scientists have shown this affection for curves isn’t just a matter of personal taste; it’s hard-wired into the brain.

“Straight lines and sharp angles signal danger, soft curves signal safety. Curved and rounded objects evoke pleasant emotions and feelings of warmth, well-being and harmony”.

Is The Dwelly sturdy?

Yes, The Dwelly’s Arch structure is prefabricated in our yard using 5 ton structural grade Galvalume Steel coils. Using our industrial rollforming machines and proprietary fabrication processes developed over the last 7 years we create a monolithic structural shell. Warranty on the Galvalume Shell is 20 years. However, independent service life studies conducted by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) have projected that in climates such as British Columbia, Galvalume steel used in The Dwelly has a potential service life span of 300 years.

“Warning: Your relatives will fight over the Dwelly when you’re gone”.

The Dwelly’s Galvalume Arch Shell coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation and cement board siding on front and back walls is low maintenance, very durable and most importantly ready for climate change.

What is the maintenance like?

The Dwelly requires less time for annual maintenance. The Arch Structure has less surface area exposed to the elements which reduces maintenance requirements.

The curved geometry of the Dwelly significantly reduces the wear and tear on the roof. Typical roofs with large flat sources are exposed to longer periods of direct sunlight and UV rays. While curved surfaces get less direct sunlight and naturally deflect most of the damaging UV rays.

The Arch structure is naturally shedding of leaves, dirt and other debris. There is no guttering to clean or downspouts to get clogged. The Dwelly’s Arch roof also does not allow the build up and drifting of snow. The Dwelly does not have corners or peaks for birds nests and bats.

What are the included features?

  • 12” floor system with perimeter treated engineered wood beams with galvanized hardware. (Insect and rodent proofed)
  • 10” floor joists with bottom sealed and (R40) batt insulation
  • ¾” T&G plywood, glued and screwed to floor joist and beams
  • 20g, 5 ½” (R30) Galvalume (20 Year Warranty) structural arches with 5” spray foam insulation & flashings. (Color upgrades available)
  • 2×4 studs @16” centres (R24) front and back walls, with spray foam insulation
  • ½” plywood sheathing, building wrap, rigid insulation, rain screen, Metal or cement board siding and trim (choice of 3 designer colors)
  • 100 Amp load centre & residential grade wiring and plumbing
  • Washer & dryer rough-ins (Washer & Dryer available)
  • Cable TV and Cat5e data wiring
  • Good quality electrical fixtures with exterior outlet
  • Good quality plumbing fixtures with exterior tap
  • Energy efficient vinyl windows with screen
  • Contemporary entrance & patio doors (choice of sliders or french doors)
  • Good quality exterior and interior door hardware (choice of matte black or brushed nickel)
  • Wood grain PAC Vinyl plank flooring with underlay (choice of 3 designer colors)
  • ½ sheetrock, glued and screwed with wood trim interiors (choice of 3 designer colors)
  • HRV unit with remote controls
  • 30 Gal electric water heater (upgrades to 40 Gal available)
  • Forced air electric heaters
  • Bathroom fan & GFI outlets
  • Utilities at building hook up ready
  • Kitchen cabinets (choice of White or Matte Black) and solid wood countertops (natural or stained)
  • Bathroom vanity, mirrored cabinet & accessories
  • Fridge, Cooktop, Range Hood & Microwave Choice of stainless or matte black)
  • Low point water drains for easy winterizations
  • CSA/CAN Z240 MH or CSA/CAN A277 Certifications available

Are there any options?

  • 12” Floor System Perimeter Glulam Beams with architectural hardware
  • Washer/dryer
  • ISO shipping containers corner castings
  • Plumbing and elec fixture upgrades
  • Flooring Upgrades
  • Electric fireplace
  • Propane fireplace
  • Propane water heaters
  • CAN/CSA A277 Standard Certifications
  • CAN/CSA Z240 Standard Certifications

Is this a tiny home on wheels?

No, the Dwelly is not a tiny home. It is portable but it is not on wheels. The Dwelly is delivered to site on a lowbed trailer and is offloaded and placed on the foundation by a crane. The Dwelly can be re loaded on a low bed trailer and moved to a new site at any time.

What kind of foundation do I need?

The Dwelly can fit on a concrete slab, compacted level gravel or on piles. The recommended foundation is Helical piles with a concrete cap. Helical piles are affordable, fast to install and can also be removed and used over and over again.

What is the size?

The footprint is 14-3” x 22” and is 12’-4” high. There are also gallery options that are 12’ wide by 6’ 8’ and 10’ Wide. Please use the contact form and we can send you detailed drawings with all the dimensions and room sizes.

What type of insulation do you use and what is the R value?

We use Fiberglass batts in the floor and spray foam in the walls and Arch Roof. The R values are: (Floor R40, Walls R24, Roof R30)

What does plug and stay mean?

The Dwelly is delivered ready to use once you set it on the foundation and “plug in” the electrical, TV, water and sanitary utility connections.

How do you transport it? Where can you deliver it?

The Dwelly is manufactured in our Maple Ridge facility and can be delivered pretty much anywhere in BC overland via truck, over water via ferry or barge. The Dwelly is loaded onto a low bed trailer in Maple Ridge and delivered to your location. There needs to be a crane onsite to offload and place the Dwelly onto your foundation. The cost of this will depend on where you are located. Please use the contact form and let us know where you are and we can prepare firm quotations including the delivery and foundation setting.

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The Dwelly is a rugged, low maintenance and energy efficient Dwelling designed for your thermal and spatial comfort. The Dwelly is built to resist high winds, torrential rains, heavy snow loads, earthquakes and even wildfires.

We would be honored to show you our Dwelly Model Homes. They are located in Maple Ridge. Please contact Archie for a showing appointment.

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